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Application Format

Post by Rambo V1 on Mon Dec 07, 2015 7:04 pm

This is the format for all team applications. Please fill it out and post your application in the Team Applications centre.
(You must of posted an introduction and have 10 post count in order to make your Application)

1. Link to your introduction:

2. Do you have the required 10 post count?

3. What other teams / clans have you been in?

4. For each of those teams/ clans why did you leave them?

5. Post a screenshot of the setups you would bring for the following roles:

A) Tber
(screenshot below)

B) Focus Gear [Hybrid / Tribrid]
(screenshot Below)

C) Tank / Ragger
(screenshot Below)

6. Do you have a vouch from anyone currently in the team? (if yes say who)

7. Tell us anything extra you want to add:
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